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Read about Unified World Grand Championships in Korea!

Grand Master Hwang in Scotland & then to Ethopia

Unified International Taekwon-Do Federation (UITF) & KoreAmerica Taekwon-Do Union (KATU)

Grandmaster Hwang, Kwang Sung K-9-1

09/22-09/23 Self defense seminar by Master Lettiere in Peru
09/25-09/26 Self defense seminar by Master Lettiere in Venezuela
10/13 San Diego UITF Invitational Tournament 
10/12-10/15 International Instructor Course Scotland - near Edinburgh
10/19-10/20 International Instructor Course -Ethiopia
11/03 6th Annual GM Hwang's Cup - NH Tournament
11/17-11/18 International Irish Championships
11/24 GM Hwang in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
12/01 GM Hwang in Phoenix, AR for seminar
12/16 GM Hwang in Suffern, NY for seminar
02/14-02/17 GM Hwang in San Diego for black belt testing and championship team training
04/05-04/07 GM Hwang in Puerto Rico for seminar
04/19-04/21 GM Hwang in Crestview, FL for Korean Martial Art Festival
06/20-06/23 GM Hwang in Jacksonville, NC for Summer Camp
07/29 Unified World Grand Championship in Korea

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